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—— Luxury Garden Escapes in Essex

We are a small company with extensive experience in supplying, building, and installing outdoor wooden products like barrel saunas, pod saunas, hot tubs, and summer houses. All our products, like most of our competitors in the British market, are manufactured in Baltic countries using the same wood, materials, and equipment.

We appreciate that in a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to choose an outdoor building product, so why not take a few minutes to learn what sets us apart and why AmberGrill is the right company for you? Our dedicated team have 20+ years of experience in the outdoor building industry and has been providing countless customers with their dream garden escape for years

We want to remain unique, so we will not write here what we are special about, that our quality is the best, and that our service is outstanding.

Our Mission

Our products must not only consider the environment but the needs of our customers. In order to remain at the forefront, we must be fearlessly proactive in creating a sustainable and garden-loving culture.

Our values reflect in our work by only providing the best customer service and ensuring every studio is exactly what our customers would like. We strive to provide the highest quality materials, whilst being competitively priced.


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