Ofuro hot tube


Working in harmony with nature the wood-fired heater is the most economical and energy efficient way to bring a hot tub up to and maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Working in harmony with nature the wood-fired heater is the most economical and energy efficient way to bring a hot tub up to and maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply light the fire, add logs, watch and savour the aroma and warm glow of the fire working its magic. In 1-3 hours you will be enjoying that spa feeling. All our outdoor hot tubs are with fiberglass shell and timber cladding, equipped with stainless steel wood fired heater. Hot tub construction is made of raw spruce wood, which makes it blend well into nature. The fiberglass shell inside the tub is easy to clean, very durable, long lasting and can be coloured in grey, blue or white/cream. Comfortably curved seats are friendly to body lines. No flat wooden benches, no harsh 90° angles — once you get in, you’ll want to stay in.


    • Inner diameter: 100 x 170 cm
    • Outer diameter: 120 x 190 cm
    • Depth: 94 cm
    • Height: 102 cm
    • Bench width: 32 cm
    • Bench height: 24 cm
    • Weight: 100 kg
    • Water: 750 l
    • For 2 people

Standard equipment:

    • Fiberglass hot tub shell 100 x 170 cm
    • External heater AISI 304 or AISI 316
    • Spruce finish (selected colour or oil)
    • Steps type 1 (Standart steps)
    • Water stirring paddle
    • Fiberglass lid
    • The drainage valve
    • Connection for the heater, hoses.

Amber Grill’s Ofuro Hot Tub

The word Furo (風呂) in Japanese, or the more polite form Ofuro (お風呂), refers to a traditional Japanese washroom. Originally, the Ofuro was a steep wooden bathtub designed for personal use in homes and was often constructed using Hinoki wood. This type of wood has a dense structure that repels insects and emits a pleasant fragrance, making it a popular choice for Ofuro construction.

Typically, Ofuro hot tubs are designed for individual use and do not accommodate more than one person at a time. Unlike Western hot tubs, the Japanese Ofuro hot tub focuses less on washing and more on relaxation. The timeless design of an Ofuro hot tub allows for customisation to fit any bathroom. They can be installed in a sueoki (据え置き) style, directly on the floor, or in an umekomi (埋め込み) style, built into the wall or floor to make the wooden tub less visible from the outside.Amber Grill’s Ofuro hot tubs offer a clean and modern aesthetic that complements any bathroom decor.

Ofuro and its various health benefits

The Ofuro wooden hot tub is believed to offer numerous health benefits. When combined with deep submersion, the heat from the tub stimulates blood circulation, resulting in a stronger immune system that can better fight off common colds and flu. Additionally, the heat can help to release tension stored in tight muscles, making it particularly beneficial for seniors and elders, whose muscles tend to tighten even without strenuous workloads.

This traditional Japanese practice of relaxation through an Ofuro has a meditative effect, and the experience can be further enhanced by adding mineral salts or essential oils to the tub. In a world that revolves around capitalism and demanding 9-to-5 jobs, incorporating an Ofuro into one’s routine can be essential for maintaining overall health and wellness.

What sets Amber Grill apart?

At Amber Grill, we deeply respect the traditional Japanese art of bathing. Unlike other Ofuros on the market, we reinforce our structures with fibreglass, allowing our Ofuros to be used for longer periods. Additionally, we use wood-fired heaters to heat the water, which is a highly efficient and cost-effective method. By manually adding logs to the fire, you can control the temperature to your liking and enjoy an immersive spa-like experience within one to three hours.

We also offer a variety of add-ons for our wooden tubs, including LED lights, an articulate spa system, and metal decorations for the tub’s edge. For those who plan to leave their Ofuro unused for long periods, we offer extra tub covers made from a wide range of materials, including wood and insulated leather. At Amber Grill, we take pride in providing high-quality Ofuros that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional information

Inside color

Blue, Grey, White

Exterior color

Spruce, Larch £182, Thermowood £221, Red wood £975, WPC £429