Square Hot tub with external heater


Working in harmony with nature the wood-fired heater is the most economical and energy efficient way to bring a hot tub up to and maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Working in harmony with nature the wood-fired heater is the most economical and energy efficient way to bring a hot tub up to and maintain a comfortable temperature. Simply light the fire, add logs, watch and savour the aroma and warm glow of the fire working its magic. In 1-3 hours you will be enjoying that spa feeling. All our outdoor hot tubs are with fiberglass shell and timber cladding, equipped with stainless steel wood fired heater. Hot tub construction is made of raw spruce wood, which makes it blend well into nature. The fiberglass shell inside the tub is easy to clean, very durable, long lasting and can be coloured in grey, blue or white/cream. Comfortably curved seats are friendly to body lines. No flat wooden benches, no harsh 90° angles — once you get in, you’ll want to stay in.


    • Inner diameter: 214 cm
    • Outer diameter: 239 cm
    • Depth: 97 cm
    • Weight: 250 kg
    • Water: 1600 l
    • For 6-8 people

Standard equipment:

    • External stove AISI 304 or AISI 316
    • Spruce finish (selected colour or oil)
    • Steps type 1 (Standart steps)
    • Water stirring paddle
    • The drainage valve
    • Connections for the heaters, and hoses.
    • Insulated leather cover

Amber Grill’s Square Hot Tub with External Heaters

Amber Grill’s hot tubs predominantly feature an external heater, utilising the same heating system as their internal heater counterparts. A wood-fired heater is fed with logs periodically to sustain a stable temperature, ranging from 1 to 3 hours. Amber Grill prefers this method of heating due to its cost-efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, manually adding logs ensures a more comfortable experience for customers, eliminating the risk of overheating. Amber Grill prioritises customer safety, guaranteeing it for external and internal heater options.

Square hot tubs

Wondering why to chose a square hot tub? The design is one reason; it is a unique and novel shape in the hot tub market, keeping Amber Grill ahead of the game. Square tubs also offer more space for soaking, accommodating up to 8 people, making them a perfect choice for a relaxing time with family and friends. The square shape allows for a more minimalist design, fitting seamlessly against walls without gaps. Additionally, all of Amber Grill’s hot tubs feature a fibreglass shell and timber cladding with a stainless steel heater, preventing rust upon usage. The exterior is made of spruce wood, providing a natural appearance. The interior is straightforward to clean, as Amber Grill provides core cleaning appliances with every purchase, ensuring customers do not worry about mould on any surface of their hot tub.

What’s included in Amber Grill’s square hot tubs purchase

Amber Grill’s square hot tubs are finished naturally with spruce and available in selected colours or oil. However, customers can request other finishes such as larch, thermowood, redwood, and WPC for an additional cost. The hot tubs have an external stove for heating and a well-thought-out connection between the heater and the attached hoses. All wires and connections are protected with insulated leather covers, ensuring no harm to customers even if they get splashed with water. A drainage valve is situated under the tub to ensure water flows effortlessly. Water stirring paddles maintain the circulation of water in the tub. The purchase includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty covering all damages sustained to the tub, replaced, or refunded entirely. As with other hot tubs in Amber Grill’s collection, metal decorations can be added. However, tub lids are unavailable for the square hot tubs due to their insulated connections for external heaters.

Outdoor BBQ Table, a Multifunctional Furniture for Your Grilling Experience

BBQ is not just about cooking; it’s an event where people gather to eat and party all night. Nowadays, outdoor BBQs straight from the backyard have become a fantastic way to invite friends and relatives over. More and more people are becoming passionate about outdoor BBQs, buying BBQ equipment, or building a BBQ cabin in their backyard. If you’re interested in joining the trend, Amber Grill offers a variety of outdoor BBQ tables to choose from.

What to Expect in an Outdoor BBQ Table

The BBQ table is not just an ordinary cooking table; it’s a multifunctional piece of furniture perfect for your BBQ gathering needs. In addition to providing a convenient space for grilling and cooking, it also serves as storage. The table has a large drawer, providing ample space to store all your BBQ tools underneath.

Moreover, outdoor BBQ tables are built to last with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity. Safety concerns are also minimised, particularly regarding heat and burn risks. The table’s surface is easy to clean with a specialised cleaning tool after cooking, and it’s designed to resist heat and water damage, making serving a breeze.

Amber Grill’s Outdoor BBQ Table Anthracite Blackstone

An outdoor BBQ table is essential equipment for your grilling needs, alongside a BBQ grill and other equipment. Amber Grill offers the perfect solution with their Anthracite Blackstone BBQ table.

The table exudes luxury and sophistication, with a sturdy pine and oak wood frame and tabletop paired with high-quality Anthracite Blackstone material. This material is not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, the wood is treated with Rubio Monocoat, a revolutionary wood finishing material that binds wood cells with cellulose fibres, protecting against water and heat damage.

The table also features slow-motion DTC drawer rails, which are stronger than regular drawer rails and suitable for heavy furniture. These rails ensure smooth and quiet operation, preventing accidental loud closures.

With ample storage space and a stylish design, Amber Grill’s Anthracite Blackstone BBQ table is the perfect addition to your outdoor grilling setup.

Standard Features

  • Pine wood is used for the table frame.
  • Oak or ash wood for tabletop.
  • DTC slow motion hardware kit system.
  • Table wheels with the original Tente Rollen brand from Germany.
  • The table frame coating uses a special facade paint for outdoor and uses an outdoor varnish coating for furniture.
  • Rubio Monocoat is used for the coating stage of wooden countertops with the addition of eco-oil.

An Anthracite Blackstone outdoor BBQ table made of wood offers a more natural look while also ensuring safety, as the materials used are both heat and water-resistant.

Additional information


4-6 People, 6-8 People

Inside color

Blue, Grey, White

Exterior color

Spruce, Larch £182, Thermowood £221, Red wood £975, WPC £429