Square sauna 3 m


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Small dimensions and weight make it easy to find a place for a sauna. Thermally treated wood is characterized by durability, beauty, dimensional stability, environmental friendliness and quality. All a sauna needs is a level base to stand the structure upright and good access to your garden/terrace or yard. Choose the best option for you!


    • Square Sauna: 2.6 m
    • Weight: 800 kg
    • Internal diameter: 2.07 m
    • External diameter: 2.17 m
    • Saunas legs: 12.5 cm
    • Gaps between the legs: 1.162 m
    • Spruce wood: 4.2 cm
    • For 4-6 people

Standard equipment:

    • Black alder saunas siding
    • Roof under the entrance doors: 0.40 cm
    • Wooden doors small window: 29 x 54 cm
    • Glass or wooden entrance
    • 2 small windows in the rear wall: 30 x 60 cm
    • LED lights under the benches
    • Harvia lamp by the entrance to the sauna
    • Roof with the bituminous tiles
    • Black alder loungers in both side of the sauna: Single storey
    • Stainless steel tightening rings: 3 pcs
    • Ventilation
    • Wooden fence in front of the heater.

Why Choose the Square Sauna 3 M from Amber Grill?

Regardless of the season, a sauna is an excellent way to relax and sweat out toxins from your body. Adding an outdoor sauna to your home not only offers stress-relieving benefits but also enhances the aesthetics of your yard with its unique shapes and designs. One of the most popular outdoor saunas is the square sauna by Amber Grill, which features an elegant square-shaped design and stands firmly on a level base.

Amber Grill has over twenty years of experience producing outdoor wooden products such as summer houses, pod saunas, barrel saunas, and hot tubs. The square sauna is one of their best-selling products, known for its high-quality materials and lightweight, small dimensions that make it easy to find the perfect location.

The sauna’s structure and most of its parts are made from spruce or thermos wood, while black alder wood is used for the interior siding and loungers. The sauna includes a roof, doors, loungers, lamps, sauna legs, windows, a water tank, and a heater. With the square sauna 3 M from Amber Grill, you can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience in your home.

There are several compelling reasons to choose the square sauna by Amber Grill:

  • Quality guarantee: The product has a 2-year warranty and a return and refund policy. While there are some conditions to the policy, such as the goods being in saleable condition, the company ensures a hassle-free refund within thirty days.
  • Experienced brand: Amber Grill has produced and delivered wooden goods, including hot tubs, pod saunas, barrel saunas, and summer houses, for over twenty years. The company has sold more than 450 saunas and 150 hot tubs, making it a reliable and experienced brand.
  • Elegant design: The square sauna has an attractive and unique design that resembles a giant ancient wagon, giving off a countryside vibe. It can be placed in any corner of your yard and has a rounded square shape with a customisable entrance door and a large window.
  • Reasonable price: Compared to other brands, the square sauna has a more affordable price range of £6,900-£8,355, making it accessible to a broader range of customers. The available options for each part influence the price range.
  • Variety of options: The square sauna offers several customisable options, including colour choices for the roof (red, brown, chips root, green, and black) and the walls (red, black, brown, and green). Clients can also choose from different window options (full-convex panoramic, full-panoramic, half-panoramic, and swinging) and either wooden or glass doors. The sauna length, heater, and water tank also come in various sizes to suit individual preferences.

In conclusion, the square sauna by Amber Grill is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of a private sauna at home. With a guaranteed product and experienced brand, you can trust the quality of this product. The elegant design, good price, and several variations to choose from make it a perfect addition to any backyard. Additionally, customer service is readily available to answer any questions. Don’t hesitate to invest in this product and experience the relaxation and wellness benefits of a private sauna.

Additional information


Black, Brown, Green, Red


Spruce wood, Thermo wood

Electric Heater

Harvia 6 kw £429, Harvia 8 kw £429, Harvia 9 kw £455, None