Vertical Sauna 2 m


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Small dimensions and weight make it easy to find a place for a sauna. Thermally treated wood is characterized by durability, beauty, dimensional stability, environmental friendliness and quality. All a sauna needs is a level base to stand the structure upright and good access to your garden/terrace or yard. Choose the best option for you!


    • Vertical Sauna: 2.25 m
    • Weight: 600 kg
    • Internal diameter: 2.15 m
    • External diameter: 2.25 m
    • Length: 2.65 m
    • Saunas basic wooden cross
    • Spruce wood: 4.2 cm
    • For 4-6 people

Standard equipment:

    • Black alder saunas siding
    • Wooden doors small window: 29 x 54 cm
    • Glass or wooden entrance
    • LED lights under the benches
    • Harvia lamp by the entrance to the sauna
    • Roof fiber glass lid roof cover
    • Black alder loungers in both side of the sauna: Single storey
    • Stainless steel tightening rings: 2 – 3 pcs
    • Ventilation
    • Wooden fence in front of the heater.

The Comfort of Relaxing in Your Own Backyard with Vertical Sauna

A compact and contemporary vertical home sauna can be utilised anytime and by anyone without going to the sauna. It is ideal for outdoor placement and can be positioned near a swimming pool, providing a picturesque yard view. Moreover, its smaller and lighter design makes it easy to install and move around as needed.

Why Have a Vertical Sauna at Home?

In today’s modern era, using saunas has become a way for families to spend time together, much like a Saturday afternoon barbecue in the backyard. This is where the vertical sauna comes in.

Perhaps you have already experienced the benefits of a sauna at a spa, wellness centre, or a friend’s house. However, if you need a little “me time,” investing in a vertical sauna for your home could be worthwhile. It lets you enjoy regular sauna sessions without worrying about crowded public saunas, limited hours, and monthly membership fees.

How to Get the Most Out of Vertical Sauna

Consider the scenario where the heat level in a sauna is either too high or too low. In addition to dehydration, an inappropriate temperature can leave you feeling weak. Therefore, how can you maximise the benefits of a vertical sauna?

  • Avoid selecting random wood types for your sauna as they may not be visually appealing and could potentially decay or release harmful toxins when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Opt for environmentally-friendly wood coatings.
  • If using glass in your sauna, ensure it is heat-resistant to prevent burns.
  • Invest in a high-quality sauna stove.

Amber Grill’s Vertical Sauna 2 m (4-6 people)

The Amber Grill vertical sauna is an exceptional outdoor sauna with a unique and captivating design, measuring 2 meters in height. This modern take on a traditional cabin-style sauna provides a comfortable and high-quality sauna experience with a blend of contemporary and classic elements. Its distinctive features are reflected in various interior components, creating a truly exceptional ambience. Some premium materials used in the construction include thermal-based black alder sidings, LED lights, and a wooden plank fence.

Saunas are typically designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience, promoting sweating and detoxification. The Amber Grill vertical sauna prioritises safety and artistic elegance throughout construction, from wood and material selection to machinery installation and finishing. It is essential to ensure that the sauna is comfortable and free of any issues caused by faulty design.

Several key factors contribute to the overall quality of a vertical sauna’s design, including selecting the suitable wood that is both durable and environmentally friendly. Spruce or thermo wood are ideal choices for vertical saunas due to their lightweight nature, heat resistance, breathability, and luxurious appearance, as well as their resistance to stickiness and leaks.

Standard Materials and Equipment

The standard materials and equipment for Amber Grill’s vertical sauna include the following:

  • A range of colours, such as black, green, red, and brown
  • A small wooden door window or a glass/wooden doorway
  • Black alder wooden sun loungers with LED lights for a relaxing experience
  • Harvia sauna lamp located near the doorway
  • A wooden heater is placed in front of the sauna heater
  • Fibreglass roof covering
  • Sauna fixing rings made from stainless steel
  • Ventilation to ensure proper air circulation

If you’re looking for a hot and soothing vertical sauna, it’s important to consider the look and feel you prefer. With careful consideration of the standard materials and equipment, Amber Grill’s vertical sauna will surely be your best option.

Additional information


Black, Brown, Green, Red


Spruce wood, Thermo wood

Electric Heater

Harvia 6 kw £429, Harvia 8 kw £429, Harvia 9 kw £455, None